I was born, raised and have always lived in Bristol. I am immensly proud of our beautiful city, but I believe that too many times it has been left behind. I want to get the very best from Government, support our local businesses, inspire our teachers and doctors and really make Bristol the greenest city in Britain.


For years Bristol has bumped along either at or near the bottom of...
I want Bristol to truly lead the way as a Green City. I want cycling...
Bristol is a diverse, multicultural community, which makes it a...

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I should like to thank the 8,136 people who voted for me to be...
London Mayor Boris Johnson has been to Bristol to support Geoff...

Contact Geoff Gollop

Conservative councillor and Deputy Mayor Geoff Gollop is dedicated to ensuring that the Bristol Mayor represents everyone in the city, regardless of how they vote. He wants to hear your ideas and concerns. You can contact Geoff in a number of ways:

Geoff Gollop
5 Westfield Park

0117 973 6811


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